Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki’s men who carry on as market task force in Edo state, recently incurred the wrath of market women and passersby when they upturned the wares of a lady in one of the markets in Benin City.

According to reports, the lady who sells bread and bean-cake popularly known as Akara, had told the so called task force that she was yet to sell anything that would generate money for daily levy. But the task force who would have none of that, hefted her tray and upturned all its content on the ground.

Apparently, the inhumane act angered onlookers, because, they started to rain insults on the men, asking how they expect the lady to pay when her source of income now lay scattered on the ground.

Others blamed APC government for bequeathing jobless men and touts the power to perpetrate evil.


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