Instagram fashionista, Laura Ikeji has explained how her husband, Ogbonna Kanu, brother to former Super Eagles footballer, Kanu Nwankwor, gave her the ideas to start her boutique business.

According to her, ” A few years ago when I started liking my husband small small 😋😋hehe,  he asked why I took so many pictures daily and what I did with the pictures,  and I explained that the pictures were for Instagram and that different boutiques had paid me 30k each to wear their clothes  and he asked again, do these boutiques sell out when you influence for them? In excitement I said yea yea they do, they call me and tell how everything I wear get sold out in a day! And he looked at me and said, if everything you wear get sold out by these boutiques,  now imagine if you owned your own store. Imagine how much you’d make wearing your own stuff and yea, I listened and opened the gang.”

She added that it was the best advice ever. she also pointed out that it is the reason she is obsessed with him.

“He came up with every business idea, now he’s the genius not me.”

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