• How do you acquire financial goods such as loans and insurance?

Have you received money from abroad recently or sent money to your loved ones? According to the CBN guidelines, a Nigerian can send up to $5000 to another individual abroad, and for the diaspora sending money home, we know how much we love to ask them.

Nowadays, more than ever, ICT-based solutions and financial service providers are all competing to gain our attention. We see their billboards daily, promising faster internet and keeping our monies safe or increasing it. How about we look at these ICT and Fintech innovators, as we would like to call them, and expose their impact and growth?

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are simply the means, resources, and tools used to transmit, store, and develop information. It also involves sharing information.

So, it is safe to say it encompasses using platforms and devices such as your mobile phones, computers, the internet, Skype, FaceTime, and several media applications.

Though there is the lack of a friendly business environment, several ICT-based companies keep beating all odds. A recent publication by TTSWG gives insight into the following industries occupied by these companies:

  • Telecommunications (4G LTE), education
  • Datacenters
  • Submarine fibre optic cables
  • Financial technologies (fintech/payment switching and payment processing infrastructure)
  • E-commerce

Nigeria has seen the rise of strong innovators in the ICT sector, especially within the tech and fintech space. With these tech businesses and start-ups come massive investments that help boost the Nigerian economy. For you, it might mean improved technology solutions and seamless transactions.

Take a look at each of the 50 ICT and Fintech innovators changing the game from Nigeria to the rest of the world, as featured in TTSWG’s recent publication online.

Click on the link below to read more.https://www.ttswg.org/resources/50-financially-impactful-ict-innovations-in-nigeria/

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