–         What is tech for good, and how real is it in Nigeria? 

What might sound like a non-profit the first time you hear of it is the result of progressive organisations and leaders worldwide calling for more sustainable means to combat global socio-economic challenges.

New technologies have allowed humans to fashion changes in all aspects of life over the years. Tech for good initiatives is thriving in providing creative solutions to significant problems faced in our day-to-day lives.

These initiatives make business decisions that focus on social impact. “Tech for Good” bolsters the notion that cutting-edge technologies and digital tools can lead to the development of more responsible and constructive growth paths. These initiatives believe that innovation should benefit everyone.

The growth of technology in Nigeria has never been faster; the change it brings is speedier. Many industries have benefited from the adoption of new technology. Agricultural produce is now processed more expeditiously than ever, financial transactions have become simpler, certain surgeries and health procedures have become faster, and some have been automated.

Following suit with developed countries, some Nigerian businesses are beginning to provide more than essential solutions to consumer problems and are improving on using technology to create positive social impact in the most sustainable ways to help eliminate the several threats facing the economy and the country.

In Nigeria, a few technology-based companies have developed solutions focused on using the technological revolution to create long-term, transformational societal changes. Despite these improvements in indigenous technology, the country is doing poorly with adopting digital and smart solutions. Many non-profit organisations do not use technological tools in their day-to-day activities because NGOs are usually the drivers of tech for good in much more developed countries.

The hypothetical impact of more Nigerian businesses and non-profits harnessing the advantages of the current technology wave will be huge. Organisations have the power to influence the rate at which the public engages in sustainability practices, as their business model could serve as a means of raising awareness for such.

You, as an individual, can contribute significantly to helping your community and society at large build a tech-for-good ecosystem. Sharing content like this can ensure that new technologies are deployed for improved results in your workplace, school, home, and other environments.

To continue to read and learn about the various Tech for good initiatives currently transforming lives and the Nigerian economy, visit the TTSWG web page to access the publication titled Tech for Good Initiatives in Nigeria


TTSWG is an initiative driven by the need for sustainability practices in the ICT sector.

The publication was released after TTSWG carried out descriptive research on the various indigenous organisations making a significant impact using technology to educate the public on the importance of the current technology wave. 

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