A cocktail bar in Cameroon’s commercial hub, Douala, has found a way to keep its business going through a coronavirus lockdown by starting a home delivery service.

“The first couple of days we were clueless,” admits JJ Quest boss, Alexander Quest.

But now he has redesigned his business and “we’re going to come to you”, he says.

Within an hour of getting a call, he mixes the drink in a makeshift bar in an apartment and gets it delivered by motorbike to a customer somewhere in the city.

A one-litre cocktail will set you back $16 (£14).

“Because of the coronavirus our profits and revenue have been severely impacted. We are now at 20% of our income capacity, the margins are very very small,” Mr Quest says.

But he is proud that he has been able to adapt.

“A good business in our opinion must be there for the client when the client is going through tough times.”

He has also introduced a “what’s in your fridge?” feature. Customers show Mr Quest the drink contents of their fridge and he recommends what they can make out of it.

While cocktails may not be seen as an essential service, Mr Quest says “it is still socially healthy to keep this aspect of life”.

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