L-R: Winston Osuchukwu, Vice President of Distribution, MIGO; Adekunbi Ademiluyi, Managing Director, HumanManager Limited; Ọlákúnlé Yusuff, Head, Brand & Marketing, HumanManager Limited; and Chuks Anitche, Head, Sales and Business Development, MIGO, at the partnership press conference held recently in Lagos.

LAGOS, NIGERIA. SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2023. HumanManager Limited (HML), Africa’s leading human resources management organisation, has announced a partnership with MIGO, a prominent nano-lending company, to offer employees quick and easy access to loans. This announcement was made at the press conference held recently at the SystemSpecs head office in Lagos, Nigeria,

The collaboration is a major step towards empowering staff to achieve better financial flexibility, emergency preparedness, and quality of life. Employees on the HML platform can now quickly address their financial needs through the seamless integration of MIGO’s lending services, without the usual difficulties involved in loan applications. Staff members have the opportunity to secure loans of up to 30% of their net salary at a 9% interest rate, with repayment scheduled for their subsequent salary.

Speaking at the press conference that marked the partnership, Adekunbi Ademiluyi, Managing Director of HML, explained how the alliance with MIGO supports the overall vision of the organisation, demonstrating their dedication to providing a simple, flexible, and innovative one-stop human resources solution for organisations of all sizes.

“We are exultant about our partnership with MIGO. It is a significant stride geared at enhancing the financial well-being of staff using our platform. Through this collaboration, our aim is not only to bolster staff’s productivity but to also facilitate easy access to prompt, secure, and discreet financial support, thereby, enabling employees to address their financial needs without compromising their privacy and security,” she said.

Similarly, the Group Managing Director, SystemSpecs Holdings, Mr. John Obaro further emphasized the importance of deepening access to credit and other financial services, as obtained internationally, saying the lack of tailored credit products can be a definitive cause of financial exclusion.

The Managing Director and Vice President of MIGO Nigeria, Winston Osuchukwu, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and noted that well-meaning and hardworking employees had historically encountered difficulties in accessing suitable financial services due to poor data organisation. However, he said, “MIGO was established on finding ways to make credit available to everyone. Our mission is to use proper data organisation to close financial gaps and positively influence the financial lives of more people. Our partnership with HumanManager Limited is to offer this opportunity to employees and others who will use the platform.”

HumanManager is making this move in keeping with its tradition of constantly innovating solutions to improve employee-employer relationships and enhance overall work efficiency. This financial service offering is in addition to its existing range of innovative HR solutions such as Payroll Management, Staff Record and Performance Management, among others.

About HML

HumanManager Limited is Africa’s foremost provider of innovative human resources management solutions, catering to progressive and dynamic organisations. Through innovative and adaptable solutions, HML empowers forward-thinking organisations to achieve their strategic objectives and maintain a competitive edge in today’s ever-evolving business environment. HML is a subsidiary of SystemSpecs Holdings Limited.

About MIGO

Migo is an integrated lending platform that allows companies to provide credit to consumers and small businesses within their own applications. With its headquarters in San Francisco, Migo plays a crucial role in broadening economic inclusivity and extending credit to underserved populations in Nigeria and Brazil, who are often overlooked by conventional credit bureaus.

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