Groom Returns Bride to Parents Days after Wedding over Size of Her Vagina

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Edo, Nigeria.

A Nigerian man from Ebelle Community in Edo State has sent his wife packing a few days after their wedding ceremony upon the discovery of her loose vagina.

Reports say that the man, identified as Osamudiame Iyobosa, told his parents-in-law that his wife’s vagina could swallow him up if nothing is done about it.

It added that Iyobosa is strongly convinced that his wife has had multiple sex partners before their union began and since they were matchmade, his convictions were even more solidified.

Confirming, a palm wine seller near the community market, said Iyobosa’s new bride simply referred to as Edeki, was prior to her marriage known in the community as a hooker, adding that no indigene would have married her.

He said they were all surprised when Iyobosa came from Benin city to marry her.

As at the time of filing in this report, said wife, is back at her parents’ home at Ubiaja in Edo state.

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