Demola Igbalajobi, Managing Director of SystemSpecs Technology Services Limited (STSL), has urged fintech stakeholders to develop more digital solutions that cater to the daily needs of people.

Speaking during the first edition of the SystemSpecs Tech Innovation Webinar Series held recently in partnership with FintechNGR, Igbalajobi passionately emphasised the need to create practical digital solutions that enhance people’s daily lives.

The event themed “Cashless Policy: Sustaining Digital Payments beyond the Currency Redesign,” drew together some of the finest minds in the fintech industry including Dr. Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, Director, Business Innovation Accelerator, Lagos Business School; ‘Deremi Atanda, Managing Director, Remita; Tomilola Majekodinmu, Founder/CEO Bankly and others ) and others who discussed how to best sustain digital payments in Nigeria.

The webinar also explored innovative solutions that could be implemented to address the challenges that digital payment platforms currently face, including fraud, cybersecurity threats, and user adoption.

Drawing on his expertise, Demola highlighted the importance of developing user-friendly and secure platforms that inspires trust among users, hence, leading to increase adoption rates.

“There are some ecosystems that happen every day – schools, churches, communities, markets – how do you build digital solutions that cater to their needs and enable seamless transactions in that ecosystem before it is implemented for others? We need to work together as stakeholders to build trust in digital payments for people to feel safe or secure when using them,” he remarked.

Demola further noted that the widespread adoption of digital solutions will depend on their efficiency in solving people’s problems.

“If you can create solutions that can sustain ecosystems as well as daily transactions, then you’re going to get traction. So it is about acceptance and creating innovations that bring value,” he added.

Demola Igbalajobi is the Managing Director of SystemSpecs Technology Services Limited (STSL), a leading provider of innovative financial and human resource management solutions in Nigeria. With over two decades of experience in the technology industry, Demola has been instrumental in driving the growth and success of SystemSpecs, overseeing the development and implementation of innovative products and services that have transformed the fintech landscape in Nigeria.

He has held several leadership positions in leading technology companies in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, where he gained extensive experience in software development, project management, and business strategy.

SystemSpecs Technology Services Limited (STSL) is a leading provider of innovative financial and non-financial solutions in Nigeria and the developer of Pouchii, a digital community solution, and FundACause, an indigenous fundraising solution.

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