Lady Chews Out Boyfriend’s Tongue While Kissing in Kenya

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It was a case of romance gone sour when a woman allegedly chewed off her lover’s tongue during what appeared to be a rough kissing session in Kenya.

According to reports, the unidentified woman said to be 23 years old who is currently on the run from the authorities, tore off her boyfriend’s tongue in a bar in Naivasha, Kenya on Saturday evening, spat it out onto the floor before fleeing the scene.

“The two had been drinking for some time when the man started kissing the woman and it’s not clear what caused the woman to turn against her lover,” said Francis Wahome, who witnessed the incident.

“After biting and cutting off a very big chunk of the tongue, the woman fled leaving the man writhing in pain and was rushed to the hospital,” he said.

Wahome added they couldn’t immediately establish the motive behind the attack as the man could not talk. He said the pair were well known as they were lovers and frequent visitors to the bar.

Confirming the incident, Area Chief Hassan Guyo said a manhunt was launched for the suspect while the man was undergoing treatment.

“The man cannot talk as a big part of his tongue is missing while the suspect responsible for the attack has gone missing,” Guyo said.

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