PDP chieftain and former minister of Aviation, chief Femi Fani Kayode has lampooned president Muhamadu Buhari, saying his government is based on lies.

In a series of tweets posted in the past few days, the former minister criticized the president’s so-called anti-corruption war and called the president names.

“Buhari says his govt. is not based on lies. That is the lie of the century. His is a govt. OF liars and FOR liars that was put in place BY liars. Mendacity is their name and deceit, vindictiveness, cruelty, selective justice, impunity and double standards are their watchwords!”

“Those from the south that joined forces with Buhari and put him in power are worse than he is.They dare not complain about the mess he has put our nation in because it was their making.They chose darkness over light and they empowered a sectional,bloodthirsty and ravenous beast.” he said.

He also accused the president of sponsoring terrorism in an earlier post, responding to an American Senator, Lindsey Graham.

“Someone tell that the war is already in Africa.Boko Haram,Fulani herdsmen,Al Shabab and a vicious, bloodthirsty, closet radical Islamist and Christian-hating mass murderer and salafist called are the greatest weapons in the arsenal of the terrorists.”


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