LAGOS, NIGERIA. 23 August 2022: SystemSpecs Technology, a subsidiary of SystemSpecs, Africa’s software technology powerhouse, has launched FundACause a fundraising solution for individuals, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), religious organisations, and other groups who desire to raise funds from donors within and outside Nigeria, for causes that are important to them, in a transparent and secure manner.

Developed to manage donation-based fundraising, FundACause—available at—offers fundraisers immense ease to generate funds, create awareness, track campaigns online and in real-time, share donation progress with donors, enjoy prompt funds settlement, and achieve their goals.

Donors, from within and outside Nigeria, can easily connect with any campaign that aligns with them, and donate through multiple payment options available on the platform.

“With a focus on non-investment fundraising, FundACause is the go-to platform for philanthropic individuals and organisations that seek to promote causes that touch lives. Fundraisers can set up their campaigns securely on any cause – be it medical, education, political, social or community causes and others; tell a story about their cause with a picture or video; set a campaign target; create awareness for campaigns and share the unique campaign link via email and preferred social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and LinkedIn. Also, a white-labelled version can be embedded in the fundraiser’s website.

“Donors from within and outside Nigeria can view different campaigns and make donations using any of the multiple channels available. Fundraisers have full visibility over the campaign performance. They can also communicate with donors whilst keeping them abreast of the donation progress,” said Demola Igbalajobi, Managing Director, SystemSpecs Technology.

Speaking further on the need for a fundraising platform like FundACause, Igbalajobi said:  “In a society like ours where a lot more still needs to be achieved through social cooperation, FundACause will foster a community that thrives on impactful living, driving the much-needed positive change in society through fundraising activities and social interventions of well-meaning individuals and groups who strive for overall societal good and advancement,” Igbalajobi added.

FundACause was developed by SystemSpecs Technology, a subsidiary of SystemSpecs – Africa’s flagship technology services and solutions provider, which delivers diverse innovative solutions including human resources, payments, and fundraising to a variety of users segments in Nigeria and across the African continent. SystemSpecs is also the owner of Remita, Nigeria’s leading financial technology solution, and HumanManager, the foremost human resources and payroll solution for businesses of any size in Africa.

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