Kings University, Odeomu, Osun state, Nigeria has canvassed for the deployment of Bio-inspired solutions and expressed its readiness to continue to partner with relevant agencies of government and the private sector to develop an effective information security architecture amidst intensified threats to Nigeria’s national security.

The Vice Chancellor of Kings University, Prof. Adenike Kuku, announced this during the University’s recently held Annual Faculty of Science Lecture titled ‘Information Security Management: Moving from Conventional to Bio-inspired Solutions’.  

The VC said increased digitisation and automation has made the world become a global village that needs a secured storage of information systems to run businesses and the society at large.

According to her, “the combination of the conventional and Bio-inspired solutions is an innovative idea for combating emerging threats.”

The guest speaker at the event and senior lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife in Osun State, Dr. Bodunde Akinyemi, also advised the Federal Government to adopt a Bio-inspired approach to solving national security challenges.

 “Bio-inspiration involves learning from biological processes and activities in developing new computing technologies. Bio-inspired solutions used by scientists and researchers to solve real-world problems are dynamic, robust, and resilient”, said Akinyemi, who explained that the development of this novel technology could serve as an effective national information security framework.

According to the don, “Information security management is a critical issue today with the rapidly growing usage of the Internet. More complexities and diversity in information systems have given rise to intrusions and malicious attacks, thus making it increasingly difficult to manage information systems security”.

The don affirmed that the Quality of Services (QoS) of information systems has significantly deteriorated due to an upsurge of cyberattacks. She added that this degeneration has given rise to research on information security.

“Conventional information security management models such as data encryption, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning approaches are inadequate to effectively address the challenges of information security, hence, the need for the adoption of bio-inspired solutions in developing effective information security architecture.

“In this era of ‘Big Data’, there is a need to move towards data-driven intelligent decision-making process by observing and learning from nature to advance national security and boost the nation’s economic prosperity,” she added.

Founded by the Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in 2015, the vision of Kings University is to raise quality leaders that would transform Nigeria and continually sustain her as a technologically advanced nation. The university believes that a solution could be found to the devastating problems facing Nigeria, and the answer needed is the transformation of the minds of the coming generation.

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