Some Nigerians in Ghana have raised the alarm over their safety while reacting to the demolition of a building within the premises of the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana.

Armed men stormed the Nigerian High Commissioner’s residence in Accra on Friday night with bulldozers and demolished a building on the property.

The government of Ghana has apologized for the crime and promised to fish out the criminals. But Nigerians have continued to express their displeasure, saying their lives are no longer safe in Ghana.

In a trending video on Twitter, some Nigerians, who visited the demolished building, staged a protest, brandishing the Nigerian flags while calling for justice.

In the video, shouts of “we want to go” rented the air even as one of them, a woman, said she feels Nigerians should be concerned about their safety as a result of the incident.

“If this can be done to our presidency, how much more, we ordinary citizens. That means we are not safe,” she said.

In the video, another Nigerian said, “Nigerians lives matter in Ghana. We are human beings. We are in our lane. Our lives are in danger.”

Many Nigerians also took to social media to react to the incident. Human rights activist, Senator Shehu Sani, wrote on Twitter, “It’s a serious breach of diplomatic and security protocol. The relations between the two countries should remain cordial and the perpetrators of the act must be brought to book.

Another Nigerian, identified as @AjammaS wrote, “This is very shameful to 

Imagine common Ghana to demolish Nigerian High Commission (building) in Accra without a harsh response from @MBuhari. I weep for Nigeria and Nigerians. It can never happen during Abacha or OBJ (era).”

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