Kenya Arts Watchdog Tags Popular Songs NTBB, Restricts To Clubs, Bars

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The Kenya Film and Classification Board, KFCB simply referred to as Arts Watchdog has tagged two highly popular Kenyan songs Not-To-Be-Broadcast (NTBB).

Head of the KFCB, Ezekiel Mutua, on Tuesday disclosed that his outfit considered Tetema (a Tanzanian song) and Wamlambeez (by the Kenyan music group, Sailors) obscene and had banned it from being played publicly.

He added that they could only be played in clubs and pubs for the consumption of adults especially because they were sung in coded language. Reports indicate that the songs make a veiled reference to oral sex in parts of it.

“Tetema and Wamlambez songs are strictly forbidden outside of clubs and bars. It’s embarrassing to see even national leaders singing and dancing to the obscenity in public. The lyrics are dirty and not suitable for public consumption, especially children.

“Both songs are pure pornography. While we may not ban them because they are coded, it’s important for the public to know that they are dirty and unsuitable for mixed company. Let them be restricted to clubs, for adults only!” he tweeted.

With the current ban which has been widely criticised, the songs cannot be played on television, radio and on public buses.

The Wamlambez track was released in April 2019. It is sang in a popular local slang known as Sheng. Its video has grossed over four million views on YouTube. It also features dance moves considered lewd.

Its popularity before the ban cut across the social strata and has widely been sung at football games and even political rallies.

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