A 32-year-old Nigerian man, Gabriel Segun Ajayi, who is married to a 50-year-old Russian woman has reportedly died of a massive heart attack at a nightclub in Russia.

The police have launched investigation into the cause of death which would be determined after a forensic examination.

The 50-year-old Russian wife who was devastated by the news of her husband’s death, said her husband didn’t have any complaints about his heart and wasn’t on any medications.

Natalia said;

“Gabriel had a massive heart attack, he collapsed and died.

“He wasn’t on any medications. My husband didn’t have any complaints about his heart.

“I was informed two hours after it happened… Our children are just babies –they are just a year old, they don’t understand anything yet.”

According to the local news agency IMA Cherepovets, the two got to know each other through an online dating service and initially had to use Google Translate to break through the language barrier.

Ajayi reportedly had difficulties with getting a Russian visa, so their first chance to see each other in person came in 2013 when Natalia traveled to Nigeria to meet the man’s family.

Natalia’s 22-year-old eldest son was also not sure at first after his mom met the Nigerian man in 2012, however, he settled in after he turned out to be real and in 2017, Natalia gave birth to twin boys.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian embassy in Moscow has raised an alarm over the death of the Nigerian national, it was gathered that the couple captured the attention of Russian daytime talk shows with their romance, due to the 18 year age difference between them.

The burial arrangement of Ajayi has been made, and it was gathered that only his mother who lives with the rest of the family in a nearby village will be attending, as the rest of Ajayi’s family can’t attend the funeral due to the distance and difficulties in obtaining a visa on such a short notice.

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