Debo Adedayo, a student of the Redeemer’s University who was expelled for a social media post a few weeks to his graduation, has finally graduated after his adventurous academic journey.

Adedayo shared the good news on his social media pages and showed off his Bachelor of Arts (BA) certificate.

The excited graduate was full of joy as he painstakingly celebrated every one that supported him especially his mother for not giving up on him.

Recall that the actor popularly known as Macaroni was expelled in 2017 by the school’s management for criticising the school in a post on social media.

In a Facebook post, Adedayo without calling names insinuated that the VC was a hypocrite, who paraded himself as an upright person and had zero impact excerpt for hatred, bitterness and negativity yet paraded themselves as most righteous.

The university had also described Adedayo‘s posts as “offensive and portrayed the Redeemer’s University and some of its officials in bad light” in its letter of expulsion.

Writing on his Facebook page, Debo, who graduated with a Second Class Honours (Upper Division), said:

“I struggled and bled for 10 solid years at 4 different Universities for this day. Today is not the day to say if my fight and struggle was right or wrong at these Universities.

“We are all different people and we have different purposes and visions. Mine is to preach and practice love. To stand for what is right even till death.

“Could I have aired my grievances and opinions in better ways? Yes. Do I feel sorry for the pain I must have put my Family and friends through; emotionally, financially, psychologically and otherwise? Totally.

“But I do not and will never regret any action that I took innocently that positively impacted, enriched and made the lives of others better.

“Simply because this is what God created me for. To serve, to live my life for others and never will I trade this rare attribute for anything else even if it makes me suffer.

“This moment is for Family, friends and everyone who has stood by me all the way. Thank you.

“As for me, this is only a reminder of greater work ahead.”

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