A 33-year-old prostitute has found herself on the wrong side of the law after she allegedly lured and forcibly had sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Litah Chivovoro was dragged to court for allegedly sleeping with the minor and assaulting him for denying to pay her $5 for a short time.

The incident reportedly happened in Zimbabwe.

Chivovoro appeared before Regional Magistrate Morgan Nemadire facing charges of indecent assault and having sexual intercourse with a minor.

She admitted to the offence charged against her and was remanded in custody to September 28.

During the trial she testified that she was desperate for money, she was sorry for taking advantage of the boy and for assaulting him.

She said,

“Sorry I was drunk and I only needed money. If he had not refused with my money, I was going to let him go.

“I usually treat my customers well if they pay for my services right.’’

The court heard that Chivororo slept with the 15-year-old boy and demanded money from him after the act.

She went on to assault the boy until she got her $5 payment which she charges for short time.

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