Pastor Amos Olugbenga of Christ Kingdom Church, Ilorin, has called on government at all levels to enact a law to check indecent dressing in the country.

Olugbenga made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Tuesday.

He observed that indecent dressing had become a way of life among young ones in the country, saying that this was eroding the nation’s rich culture and value from the hearts of the present generation.

The clergy expressed regret that indecent dressing was gradually turning the society to ‘free style’ society, where you could dress anyhow without taking cognizance of the country’s mores and values.


‘‘It is getting out of hand as youths, old ones are dressing anyhow parading the streets without any consequence.

‘‘Indecent dressing has continue to corrupt the society. Go to Nigerian universities’ campuses and see what students turned themselves to in the name of dressing.

‘‘Government and concerned authorities must intervene in order to rescue the upcoming generation from the social evil before it get worse.

‘‘Parents must stop buying clothes that will expose body of their children to the world.

‘‘Africa rich culture has been thrown into dustbin.


‘‘We have borrowed western way of life, which is not helping the young ones. Government at all levels must wake up from their slumber and act fast,’’ he said.

The cleric, however, called on government, parents, religious leaders and journalists to campaign against indecent dressing in order to curb the obnoxious act.

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