Following the mockery and negative comments that trailed a viral photo of airport tugs pushing an airplane, a Facebook user, Adewole Adeyinka has come forth to educate Nigerians on workings of an aircraft, saying that plane pushing is done all over the world.
His words, “recently, this picture appeared on social media , people were using it to mock Nigeria, saying its only in Nigeria that people push planes, a lot of negative comments and abuses etc
“i want to use this opportunity to categorically tell you that the person that started the trend is basically ignorant and just presumptuous and makes judgments based on assumptions

“You see, plane pushing is done all over the world even in the most developed countries because of the following reasons
In aviation, pushback is an airport procedure during which an aircraft is pushed backwards away from an airport gate by external power. Pushbacks are carried out by special, low-profile vehicles called pushback tractors or tugs.
Very small airplanes may be moved by human power alone. The airplane may be pushed or pulled by landing gear, wing struts, or even the propeller blades, Medium airplanes can be pushed or pulled by a couple of men called tugs.

Although most aircraft are capable of moving themselves backwards on the ground using reverse thrust, a procedure called as a powerback, it is not typically done due to the following reasons,
The jet blast from the engines can damage the terminal building and nearby equipment. It can even throw away people standing nearby.
Engines can blow sand and debris.
Engines can suck in sand and debris which can cause serious damage to the engine.
It is easier for the truck driver to see the surroundings better than the pilot sitting in the cockpit with limited windows.”

Continuing, he added that “the pushback truck driver knows the airport better than the pilot.
The plane engines are very loud. This noise can add up substantially when multiple planes are moving around the airport. It won’t be a pleasant experience for people sitting inside the terminal, as most people don’t even like the sound of powerful motor-bikes.
It saves fuel. Virgin Atlantic had proposed a new system in which the pushback trucks will push the plane all the way to the runway to save fuel and reduce impact on nearby environment.
Modern planes are huge. It is difficult to navigate such gigantic structures through limited space.for example an A380 is eight stories high. The pilots won’t be able to see anything directly in-front of them or anything behind the wings.
so you see it was not a Nigerian problem at all let us all be educated before we jump into conclusion every time
sorry for the long read! also attached is a picture of the American Navy pushing an airplane.”

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