Mouths have not been shut from the utter bewilderment that enveloped citizens of Kenya, yesterday, 1st of August, after a whirlwind came from no where to disrupt a worship session.

The exact location was unconfirmed as at the time of filing in this report, but stories online say it happened in Wajir County and others say it’s Ukambani.

The spiraling wind whose source is yet to be deciphered, took centre stage in a sudden manner and whirled the chairs set for the worshiphers from an unnamed church, in circles.

While the religious group scampered for safety, with the crusade abandoned, the wind from the video below seemed to chase after them.


Meanwhile, Twitter users have registered opinions and suspicions about the unusual incident.

While some think it is mother nature simply taking its course, others think there’s a spiritual force and underlying meaning to it.

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