A Missouri family celebrated Christmas in July last week so that their dying father could spend his favorite holiday with his four children one last time. Andrew Heafner, 65, has decided to forego treatment for colon cancer, and allegedly was told he has just days to live.

Speaking to newsmen, Heafner said, “Who knows how long I got. They say a few days, but I’ve lasted a bit longer than that.”

His wife, daughter and three sons decorated the house and set up the tree “with as many ornaments as we could put on it and lights,” which is the way he likes it, and donned t-shirts and shorts for their family celebration. The family posed for pictures surrounding Heafner in his St. Louis Cardinals gear with the family beagle nearby.

“He wanted to stay around until it’s freezing cold outside, but I didn’t mind spending Christmas in shorts and a t-shirt so it’s a win-win,” Thomas Heafner, one of Heafner’s sons, said. “It meant a lot to him, and it’s one of those things where we’ll never forget that.”

Heafner, who said the celebration was only missing eggnog, called the day “wonderful.”

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