An army of women yobs will be lying in wait for England fans at next year’s World Cup in Russia, The Sun on Sunday can reveal.

Hundreds of female “ultras” are at the heart of the nation’s hooligan culture but only one has been banned from the matches.

Diana Ivanova, 19, a CSKA Moscow fan who calls herself a Nazi, was involved in trouble at a match last month.

She has a “Fight or Die” tattoo in English.

Other women thugs banned from matches will have restrictions lifted before the tournament.

They include Olga Borisova, 32, from Uzbekistan, and Elena Maleyeva, 51, from Ukraine.

England and Russian fans infamously clashed during the Euro 2016 match in Marseilles

A Russian security source said the females, who have their own gangs, plan brawls before matches.

He said: “Recently the authorities have cracked down on all hooligans including women. So far this is holding pretty well.

“But only a week ago a 30-year-old died from a broken neck in a nasty all-male battle between two ultra groups.”

Top clubs Spartak Moscow and Dynamo Moscow arrange boxing bouts for rival women thugs to channel their aggression.

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