It was bright afternoon on Sunday, September 24, 2017. The Nigerian twitter landscape was alive as thousands of people stormed the social media platform with excitement and expectations.

No, they were not waiting for premier league match results. They were actually waiting to see nude pictures. Within a few hours, more than 3,000 people had followed a twitter account threatening to release nude photos of a lady she claimed was sleeping with her husband.

This seems to be a classic situation of bush meat hunting the hunter. Earlier on September 23, a lady called Desola, with Twitter account @desolaa had tweeted about married men trying to go on a date with young, single girls.

After @desolaa_ ranted about a married man who offered her lunch but she declined, so in order to win her, the man told her that his wedding band he was wearing, was just a ring and not a stigma.

Desola shared the tweet and then a lady interestingly called her out, accusing her of sending her husband nude photos during the last Sallah holiday.

The lady who called her out initially, with the handle @gotjoy, threatened to expose Desola and post her nude pictures online if she denied it.

As Desola did not reply the internet bully, folks online thought the issue was over until more sleazy details of Desola’s alleged scandalous lifestyle began to light twitter afire on Sunday. This time around, it was an anonymous account called @desola thief husband.

She accused Desola of sleeping around with married men, despite coming from a wealthy home. She posted pictures Desola’s parents and her brother. She promised to release her nude pictures before 4:pm and the story went viral.

Within hours, @desola thief husband had been followed by thousands, who wanted to see the nude pictures or read about the sleazy details of what’s going on.  Everybody waited with bated breath.

Alas, it was 4pm and there were no nudes. Twitter spoiled the fun for the perverts. @desolatheif husband account was taken down for violating twitter rules. @Desola’s twitter account became inaccessible.

Curious to know what really happened between Desola and her accuser, the enquirer probed further by contacting her to get her own part of the story. As at the time of writing the report, Desola has not replied.

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