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Most weddings are signed and sealed with the fairy-tale words “till death do us part.” In reality, however, death rarely has anything to do with the parting of most couples. Sometimes after the dreamlike honeymoon, problems begin to surface and the union built on mutual love and trust soon falls apart like a badly-ruled empire.

That has been the case with long running TV quiz programme, Who Wants to be a Millionaire (WWTBAM), and its long-time presenter, Frank Edoho. After a fruitful 13 years of ‘marriage’, Edoho has dumped the show and moved on.

It will be recalled that WWTBAM has been off the air for a while after MTN pulled out of their sponsorship deal. However, with new cash backers, Airopay on board, it was expected that viewers will once again be seeing the handsome face of Frank on their screens as he anchors the show. That, however, was not to be as negotiations between him and the show’s producers, Ultima, broke down.

frank edoho2

Those who should know say Frank was initially keen on returning to his role as the anchor but could not reach a deal with Ultima, which offered him a pay cut he flatly refused. With ties now severed between him and the platform that made him a star, observers are waiting with bated breath for his latest move.

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