Madagascar’s President, Andry Rajoelina’s, position that the purported remedy for COVID-19 will be administered in clinical trials has been clarified by director of the country’s judicial studies department.

Rajoelina this week reiterated a clinical trial plan he announced last week saying the trial will involve administering the organics in its bottled form and also as injectables.

However, Michelle Sahondrarimalala, a medical doctor and director from Legal Studies at the presidency, in clarification said the president had been misunderstood.

She disclosed that there had at no point been the thought of putting artemisia in an injectable form, further stressing that the scientific committee hadn’t considered this.

Reports indicate that the National Medical Academy also cast doubt on the efficacy of the artemisia-based drink, warning of its potential health implications. Doctors are on record to have said the main treatment protocol in the country was not COVID-Organics.

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