Cameroon Health Minister gave updates on coronavirus figures weeks after he opted against releasing figures via his Twitter account. The latest figures by Minister Manaouda Malachie indicate a boom in recoveries which now stand at 688.

At last count April 23, recoveries were at 397 meaning an increase of 291 had been recorded. He released the figures after a government COVID-19 pandemic assessment meeting on Friday.

“Today’s statistics show 1,430 people infected, including 692 active, 120 hospitalized and 20 on respiratory assistance. 668 recovered and 43 deaths. We continue to control this virus,” his post read in part.

The figures have however become the subject of disputation after some Twitter users point out that they did not add up. “The numbers do not add up sir, 692 + 668 + 43 is equal to 1403, not 1430,” one tweep observed.

“The numbers are totally confusing. And the differences between these and those in the Ministry of Health official report to partners from two days ago adds to the confusion,” another user chipped in.

As per the John Hopkins University data which Africanews relies on, active confirmed cases stood at 719, as against the 692 cases reported by the Minister. The Africa CDC and WHO Africa region had yet to release daily tallies at the time of filing this report.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry posted a statement on its official Facebook page with a case count of 1332 across eight regions of the country. It is silent on active cases but quotes 688 and 43 in respect of recoveries and deaths.

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