Canada Suspends Deportation Order of Nigerian Family

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A Nigerian family in Canada is currently basking in the exhilaration of relief after the government of Canada paused their deportation process.

According to MP, Brian Masse, the Bakare family fled Nigeria in 2017 because they feared their daughter would be subjected to female genital mutilation.

The family of four, mom Rasheedat, husband Afeez, son Faaiq, and daughter Faiqah, made it to Montreal where they applied for refugee status and eventually made their way to Windsor-Essex.

Since arriving in Canada, the Bakare family welcomed a second daughter, Farhana, into their family.

Rasheedat is currently five months pregnant with another daughter.

The family’s refugee claim was refused and they have applied for humanitarian and compassionate consideration.

Masse said as their daughter is a Canadian citizen who has a questionable future should her family be deported.

“The very best scenario that Canadian child can face in her future is either staying here with a new family that has to go through adoption or foster care or going with her family to someplace they’ve never been and with a questionable future,” said Masse.

There is no word on if the family will be allowed to stay in Canada until their application for Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration is reviewed. Masse said the process can take upwards of 30 months.

“What we’ve asked for is for the Bakare family to be respected in terms of the full process. The process has taken longer than it should have, we have a Canadian child that’s involved and we have a questionable case review process time,” said Masse.

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