Chaos in a Southern Part of Nigeria as 41-Year-Old Corpse is Found Intact

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The scene in the Iro area of Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria on Wednesday, was tumultuous after a corpse buried 41 years ago was been found intact upon exhumation.

The incident was said to have amazed the family of the deceased and residents of the area who trooped to the scene to catch a glimpse of the corpse.

It was gathered that the corpse was that of a man identified as Baba Boboye, who allegedly died in 1978 and was buried the same year in a room in his house.

A source said the building had been marked for demolition to pave the way for ongoing road construction in the area, adding that all the occupants had been asked to vacate the house.

The source said, “The children of the deceased wanted to exhume the bones of their late father from the building, only to meet the corpse the same way it was buried 41 years ago.

“Even the coffin, in which the man was buried, did not decay. Everything was intact. The corpse was as fresh as if it had just been buried.”

According to the source, the corpse was eventually exhumed and moved to Ijoka area of the town, where it was reburied.

One of the children of the deceased, Mrs Florence Kayode, who confirmed the incident to newsmen, said it was a big surprise to the family.

The 60-year-old Kayode said, “I am the 14th child of my father, Pa Boboye. What happened today (Wednesday) surprised all of us; his body did not suffer decay; his clothes and the coffin were intact as if we just buried him and this year is the 41st that he was buried.”

Kayode said the reason for the strange occurrence was unknown to the family.

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