Thunder Strikes Down 36 Cows in Ondo, Nigeria

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Some 36 cows recently fell to their death with the unfortunate strike of thunder at Ijare Community in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria.

The cows, belonging to some Fulani herdsmen, were said to have been struck dead by thunder on Saturday night while they grazed on sacred land in the community.

The Fulani herdsmen had allegedly taken their cattle for grazing in a bush called Oke Owa, where nobody but the king was permitted to enter when thunderstruck and killed about 36 of the animals.

” The whole town shook when the thunder struck and we started wondering what could have happened. But later we heard that the herdsmen stepped beyond their boundaries by going to the place to graze.

It is a sacred land, we don’t enter there, it is only the king that can go there,” a source was quoted as saying

According to the source, there was no life lost in the incident since the herders took to their heels immediately the cows were struck dead.

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