Patient’s HBP Returns To Normal After Receiving 1000 From Doctor

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It is often argued on social media that there are some ailments that can only be cured by ‘credit alert’ and this seems to be the case of a hypertensive patient whose high blood pressure reduced after he was gifted N1000 cash by his doctor.

A Nigerian medical practitioner identified as Dr Sade Olugbemi-Paul took to her Twitter handle @doctor_sade to share what looks like a strange story of her encounter with the patient.

She said the patient had told her to gift him N1000 and see if his high BP will not go down.

In an attempt to test the patient’s hypothesis, Dr Sade said she gave him N1000 and rechecked his BP, only to find out it had returned to normal.

She tweeted:

“Diagnosed a man with hypertension today. He told me to see his BP go down, I should just dash him N1000.

“Like joke, I sha gave him 1k to test the theory. BP recheck after that was very normal.”

She, however, added:

“I collected my 1k back and prescribed him hypertension drugs. Uncle, I’m broke too.”

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