Sudan Appoints New Prime Minister

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It was all joy and jubilation on the streets of Khartoum, Sudan’s capital and the other states when the drum of celebration was rolled out to herald the appointment of the new Prime Minister.

A new beginning with a civilian as head of government.

Economist Abdallah Hamdok was sworn in on Wednesday as the country’s Prime Minister.

He will have to lead a transitional government following Omar al-Bashir’s toppling after his 30-year rule

“We are very satisfied with the appointment of the Prime Minister of Sudan. It is a great success after a struggle that lasted months and after having lost many martyrs,” said Mohammad abdukader, student.

“We congratulate the Sudanese people on this day because the new Prime Minister has taken the constitutional oath. For the first time, Sudan will have a prime minister of a civilian government after a long struggle and a great revolution,” said Samah Alsedik, housewife.

After months of protests… The new leader is now in charge… But the pressures to effectively address the list of challenges lie ahead.

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