Zimbabwean Father Strangles One-Year Old Son For Noise Making

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Clemency Gurwe, a Zimbabwean man, has been charged to court for allegedly killing his one-year-old son. He reportedly slapped and strangled the baby for making noise.

According to information garnered, in April, Gurwe had been in the company with his wife, Mitchell Manyangadze, at their home when the little boy started crying. Gurwe, then reportedly lifted the child and started slapping and strangling him until the boy started bleeding from the nose. The child was taken to the hospital the next morning. Health workers advised Manyangadze to report the case to the police.

Manyangadze heeded the advice and Gurwe was arrested. He had been in prison custody until June 26, charged for attempted murder while the child was referred to Silveira Hospital where he was admitted.

From there, the baby was moved to Masvingo Provincial Hospital where he was discharged days later and put on weekly reviews. The little boy died on July 07 and Gurwe is now facing murder charges.

The Chief Inspector Charity Mazula, the Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, confirmed the incident.

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