Petrol Price Increase Hits South AFrica This Week

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The Central Energy Fund has confirmed that the price of petrol will increase by 11 cents per litre this week.

While diesel users will be getting some light relief from a decrease by an average of 14 cents per litre, others will be dealing with an increase in fuel price.

The Department of Energy published the official figures over the weekend, just a few days after the AA got their forecast increases – and decreases – pretty spot-on. They were one cent out with the petrol rise, and just two cents shy of getting the diesel price correct.

Speculations are that the increase may not be unconnected with the reduced price of oil which was countered by rising tensions in the Middle East, wiping out any potential benefits for South Africa. There is also the fact that a strong performance for the Rand against the Dollar at the start of the month ultimately fizzled out.

The picture may be a mixed bag on this occasion, but South Africans may be left to rue another opportunity for a huge decrease. July saw 95 cents shaved from the per-litre price, only to be denied a similar lucky break for August.

The official implementation of the petrol price for August is Wednesday, August 7th.

Below are the official figures:

  • Petrol: Increase of 11 cents per litre
  • Diesel: Decrease of 14 cents per litre
  • Paraffin: Decrease of 2 cents per litre


Fuel Inland price
(From 7 August)
Coastal price
(From 7 August)
Change in price
Petrol R15.92 R15.28 Up by 11 cents
Diesel R14.32 R13.78 Down by 14 cents

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