Owner of Total Filling station along the summit road in Asaba, Deltat state whose name was given as Kingsley Nwani, was allegedly killed, Sunday evening by his elder brother over the ownership of properties.

Narrating the incident to newsmen, a close friend of the family said, “ever since their father died, the brothers have been fighting over properties especially the Total filling station.

“Kingsley Nwani has been the one running it and their mum loves the two younger brothers and favours them more than the older one. So when the older brother noticed that he is losing out, he killed both of them yesterday with knife by cutting their neck and Kingsley died immediately while the other brother was rushed to the hospital and died also”.

The suspect is presently at large and all attempts to reach the police for further information proved abortive as at Press time.

When FLAGNEWS crew visited the filling station it was under lock and key.


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